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candle making - the basics to advanced techniques

What do you do in your free time? Do you sit in your recliner watching reruns of shows from the 80's munching on microwave popcorn? This was exactly how I spent my free time for many years. About a year ago, I went to a craft fair and found some of the most uniquely beautiful candles that I have seen in my life. When I went home, I started looking up how to make those candles and that was when I changed what I do with my free time. This blog is all about making candles. You will learn everything from the basics to the most advanced candle making techniques to try.


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Use Hand-Dyed Yarn To Create Beautiful Knit Pieces

Knitting can be a really enjoyable hobby. It can be a way that you can deal with the stress of your day and just relax. As an added benefit, you are going to end up with some beautiful, hand-made products that you can use or give to people as gifts. Having something beautiful and hand-made can be a real treat for people, especially if the gift is made especially for the recipient. If you are going to knit something special for someone you care about, you want to make sure that it is just as special as they are. There are various things that you can do that will let you do that. One of them is to use hand-dyed yarn. You can find so many good reasons for using something like this. 


One reason is that you can get the yarn customized. You can do this by buying the blank yarn and dying it yourself if you feel up to it, but you can also do it by finding artisans and craftspeople who sell hand-dyed yarn and placing orders with them. You can tell them what colors you want, and they can make the yarn for you. You can get skeins that are an individual color, or you can order skeins that are variegated, depending on what you want and what the craftsperson does. 


No two skeins of hand-dyed yarn are going to be the same, even if they are the same kind of yarn and dyed at the same time. Each fiber is going to take the dye a little differently, and you are going to get natural variations. If the yarn is variegated, that's even more true. Even if the maker makes other yarn with those exact colors, it's going to look different because of things like dye batches, timing, chemicals, and even the weather. All of that uniqueness and individuality will go into the items you make with it. Even if it is a pattern that you have used before, using the hand-dyed yarn is going to make the item different from all the other items that you have made because of the variations and patterns of the yarn. That can give the item a real one-of-a-kind feel. 

If you love to knit, you might want to use the items that you knit as gifts. If you are making something special for someone, then you might want to think about using something like hand-dyed yarn so that the gift is truly special.